Makoto Misumi was an average, everyday high schooler, who found himself shipped off to another world at his parents’ whims. Upon arrival, however, he’s insulted by the Goddess for being too ugly and thrown into a desolate wasteland. He frantically searches for human warmth and connection, but can find nothing but monsters and inhuman settlers. When he finally meets companions he can trust, they turn out to be a pair of powerful perverts in a former dragon and a former giant spider! His high-octane, incredibly misfortunate trek through this foreign world has only just begun!


Makoto Misumi (深み澄すみ真まこと, Misumi Makoto)

A young man summoned to a fantasy world as a hero, but stripped of his heroic title by the Goddess because he wasn’t attractive enough. He works as an adventurer and runs the Kuzunoha Company as a merchant on the side. Despite looking perfectly ordinary, he has superhuman strength and immeasurably large stores of mana. His contracted familiars give him no end of trouble, and he can never seem to catch a break.

Tomoe (巴ともえ/トモエ)

Makoto’s first familiar. She is the Greater Dragon Shen, capable of manipulating fog and peering into people’s memories, and only appears as human due to her Contract. She tends to be careless and tries to solve problems through force, only cooling her head to give Makoto advice when he needs it. She’s also a hardcore samurai drama fan and loves all things Japanese.

Mio (澪みお/ミオ)

Makoto’s second familiar, formerly the Black Spider of Calamity. She was driven mad with irrepressible hunger for ages, devouring all she saw, but her Contract with Makoto restored her sanity and sated her appetite. She’s fiercely devoted to Makoto and often tries to seduce him, but she almost always fails. Her hobbies include watching tokusatsu shows and anime.

A highland orc girl, she’s pleasant and amicable but is terrifying when she’s angry. Makoto saved her from a monster attack, and as a result ended up serving him. She acts as the surrogate leader of the Subspace and its races, and oversees the expansion and development efforts.

One of the elder dwarves, a race of legendary smiths and craftspeople. He possesses excellent skills even for an elder dwarf, and aids both Makoto and the Kuzunoha Company by crafting wares and equipment alike.

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