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Exceptionally gifted to his own detriment, Prince Cecil had always found life effortlessly mundane. One ordinary day, his life took an unexpected turn when he became engaged to Miss Bertia, the Chancellor’s daughter. This engagement, however, was anything but typical.

“Prince Cecil! I must confess – I am the villain of this story!” Bertia’s declaration was startling. She claimed to have memories of her former life, where she had been the antagonist in a “Otome game”. Her lofty ambition was to excel as a villainess and thus have her engagement annulled. However, despite her plans for various misdeeds, her attempts have always been unsuccessful.

Is her fiancé, who aspires to master villainous finesse, simply misguided in his endeavours?

Bertia’s pet black fox. It appears he is not just an ordinary fox.

A baroness who is accompanied by a mysterious small bird. According to Bertia, she is the “heroine” of the otome game and tries various schemes to get close to Cecil and the other “capture targets.”

Bertia’s father. While troubled by his daughter’s eccentric behavior, he dotes on her considerably.

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Alphasta. According to Bertia, he is one of the “capture targets” in the game. With his handsome appearance and brilliant mind, he finds everything too easy and is often bored with everyday life.

Cecil’s fiancée. She claims to be the “villainess” of an otome game. Although she tries to act like a villainess, she’s unfortunately not very convincing in the role.

Cecil’s attendant. He is aware of his master’s darker nature and tries desperately to advise him, though he is somewhat resigned.

A distant relative of Bertia. He is one of the “capture targets” in the otome game and also a candidate to be one of Cecil’s close aides.

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