In a world of swords and magic, evil crime syndicates known as Dark Guilds terrorize the Kingdom of Efan. The most secretive and feared of them all is the Messianic Legion, Yerkchira—but its guildmaster is an ordinary, normal, harmless little guy! Despite his wishes for peace and happiness, the lovely ladies under his command have big plans for him, and he finds himself at the brink of a great destiny! This average individual is the center of a campaign for diabolical global domination—while remaining none the wiser himself.

The leader of the Messianic Legion, Yerkchira, and an all-around normal guy. He sees his guildmates as beloved daughters more than anything else. Nobody knows much about him. 

A plucky little lady who loves Master to pieces. She tries to be sweet, but her foul nature and bad attitude often slip through. She can control plants at will.

A mysterious kunoichi who handles espionage for Yerkchira. She may or may not be stalking Master in her free time.

A beautiful young woman with a talent for taming and controlling monsters. She wants to make her feelings for Master known, but she’s tragically, miserably tsundere.

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