What is Hanashi Media?

Hanashi Media is an independent publisher based in the United States of America and started with the help of people from all over the world. We seek to officially bring those works that others ignore and spread them to places where no one else has done before.


The purpose of Hanashi Media

Our purpose is to become one of the leading publishers and distributors of Japanese light novels and manga in the market of North America and Latin America.

In the English market, there is a need to respond more quickly to changing trends and to explore genres and works that have not been worked on so far by the classic publishers in the West.

In Spanish, there is a need for greater distribution and legal ways to access the material. There is also a necessity to implement a hard competition in the market since it has been in its early phase, which would serve as an incentive to raise the quality.


Why support Hanashi Media?

At Hanashi we cover the entire process to make sure we respond quickly to your interests: we select licenses, negotiate them, translate the books, edit them and partially distribute them.