Recurso 1

Anime second season now airing!


One day, Hiragi Seiichi’s entire school is transported to another world. As he wanders through a mysterious forest alone, however, he is ‘attacked’ by a gorilla.

“Me never sleep with man before. Be gentle.”

All Saria wants is to be close to him. Just when he begins opening his heart to the feminine simian, however, tragedy strikes.

Can the strength of their bond—and the mysterious Fruits of Evolution they’ve both consumed—bring about a miracle?
A lighthearted fantasy-comedy romp through a fantasy world!


Used to be an overweight and poor-looking high school student who suffered from bullying in his original world. He was transported to another world under the most bizarre circumstances.

After consuming the Fruits of Evolution to avoid starvation, he became an unrivaled being.

The terrifying level seven hundred Kaiser Kong who showed up in front of Seiichi in the Forest of Endless Sorrow.

The ape developed a romantic interest in him after he became the first to evade her attack.

Now she is hopelessly in love with Seiichi.

A beautiful A-ranked adventurer also known as Altria the "Calamity".

She was appointed by the guild as supervisor for Seiichi and Saria's entrance test.

She is under a curse that brings tragedy to all those around her.

A food-loving donkey Seiichi met at a monster seller.

She would never allow humans to touch her, until she lost a duel against Seiichi and agreed to participate in the King's Cup race.


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