Shinka Tech data

Original Title: 進化の実 ~知らないうちに勝ち組人生~
Author: Miku
Illustrator: U35 (Umiko)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

Languages: English and Spanish
Territories: Canada, United States, and Hispanic America
Formats: digital and print

Shinka synopsis

One day, Hiragi Seiichi’s entire school is transported to another world. As he wanders through a mysterious forest alone, however, he is ‘attacked’ by a gorilla.

“Me, never sleep with man before. Be gentle.”

All Saria wants is to be close to him. Just when he begins opening his heart to the feminine simian, however, tragedy strikes.

Can the strength of their bond—and the mysterious Fruits of Evolution they’ve both consumed—bring about a miracle?
A lighthearted fantasy-comedy romp through a fantasy world!

Shinka Characters

Hiiragi Seiichi



Shinka released volumes

Volume 1